We’ll Teach You to Play !

Whether you are a total beginner or have played before, Solihull Music School has a lesson to suit you.
With classes 7 days a week, for adults and children, anyone can start to benefit from the pleasures of making music.
Just one hour a week is all it takes to make a start.

A fantastic learning environment

The vast majority of our lessons are taught in groups. Group learning has proved to be fundamental to gaining a much broader range of musical skills than is possible through one-to-one tuition. In every lesson students get the opportunity to play together. Not only is this highly motivational, it is also critical to developing the ability to listen and interact with the performance of other students. We offer a limited number only of one-to-one lessons for this reason.

All group lessons are taught in sets appropriate to age and stage achieved, from total beginner to Grade 8/Diploma.

State of the Art Instruments

State-of-the art musical equipment is available in all our studios. No need to bring your own instrument with you.

Welcome to Solihull Music School.



My name is Kate Bailey and I'm the Principal Teacher.

Thank you for visiting us, please come through and take a look around.
Before you start your tour though, let me tell you a bit about us.
Solihull Music School specialises in teaching both youngsters and adults the joys of learning to play.

Remember the old days, when learning music meant :

• at the back of a music shop !  …  or heaven forbid
• in a corner of an old school hall !  … and the expense …
• no holidays … you pay when away !

So, what’s different about Solihull Music School ?

We are recognised as one the country’s most modern facilities (the largest independent music school in the locality) where students, of all ages, learn on insitu, state-of-the-art instruments in properly designed and designated studios, from fully trained teachers … who all carry up to date CRB/DBS clearance certificates.

They learn comfortably in small groups of their own age.  So, learning music becomes more of a social occasion and making new friends is an added bonus.   They learn easily, using the unique Yamaha system, whereby learning to play is as simple as learning to speak !

Currently, our courses consist of *Mini~Maestros, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, and Vocals.

Lessons last for one hour (*Half hour for Mini~Maestros), at the same time every week, after day school or at weekends for youngsters and in the evenings for adults, leaving plenty of time for other activities.
When it’s chilly out there, Mum and Dad can relax in a cosy waiting room and when it’s not, they can sit in the sun and enjoy the views over open countryside.

Lessons only take place during three designated terms, with Christmas, Easter and Summer Holidays (8 weeks in total), so vacations are easily planned.   We are open 7 days a week, 44 weeks of the year.

Want to know more ? Take the virtual tour now or contact us.  You can  register for a Beginners’ Free Taster Lesson or, if you’ve played before, try our REPLAY facility and ask for a Free Assessment and a list of Courses available at your own level.

The virtual tour is great but why not actually call in and see us ?