concert-2008-207Singing is one of the oldest forms of musical expression and the voice is arguably the most versatile instrument in existence.  We offer a choice of two options for Vocals.

From 9 years to adult, there are group lessons available, combining the essential elements of traditional singing classes with up-to the-minute methods.  The main focus is on popular music, with elements of jazz and classical styles introduced to provide the broadest possible foundation.  Using lots of fun warm-up  exercises and singing with great backing tracks, placing a strong emphasis on vocal development, you’ll learn to train and care for your voice and protect it from damage (particularly important for teenagers whose voices are in a period of transition).

Our Vocals Clinic (held on the first Sunday of every month) offers the option of one-to-one, half or one-hour lessons, for those who only want a lesson occasionally.   Ideal if you are preparing for a special occasion !

Our Vocals Course contains material covering Rockschool Grades 1 to 8.  The early grade materials (grades 1 and 2) take approximately 12 to 14 months to complete.  Students working at the higher grades (3 to 4) should expect to take approximately 18 months.  Grades 5 to 8 will inevitable take longer, owing to their complexity.

Exams are, of course, entirely optional.