Electric Guitar

auconcertA rock and pop-based course which is perfectly suited to aspiring guitarists aged 9 years to adult.  Lessons are taught on electric instruments.  Not only does the course material cover skills and techniques that would make other guitarists green with envy, it also fully supports music in the National Curriculum, so you can learn while having fun playing !  It also teaches general music and guitar-specific notation and theory.  It even covers technical issues such as how to correctly set-up and maintain an instrument.  Material includes great music, covering the major milestones in popular guitar styles.  Swop your air-guitar for the real thing - now !



As with all our courses, state~of~the~art instruments are provided for use in class, so no student need bring in their own instrument.

Our “Guitar Encounters” Course contains material covering Rockschool/Yamaha Grades 1 to 8.  The early grade materials (grades 1 and 2) take approximately 12 to 14 months to complete.  Students working at the higher grades (3 to 4) should expect to take approximately 18 months.  Grades 5 to 8 will inevitable take longer, owing to their complexity.  Exams are, of course, entirely optional.

Acoustic Guitar

Half hour, 1-2-1 lessons are also available for those who are more inclined to the classics.