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Student Info


At Solihull Music School, the grade examination pass record is exceptional, although individual student’s examination marks are never published for reasons of divisiveness and to avoid unfair comparison.  This caring, relaxed approach, takes the pressure off and helps our staff to produce these exceptional results. The fully accredited exams take place 2/3 times a year,…
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Merit System

Students at Solihull Music School can earn MERITS for regular Practice and Progress. Nobody can learn to play an instrument in just one hour a week.  It takes practice, a little and often, to progress and quickly become proficient.  Each student has his/her own Practice Book to help them to do this.  They collect Merit…
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School Calendar 2018/19

Here is the latest up to date school calendar. A PDF version is available for download at the bottom of this page.     Download PDF version
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Practice Hints

Helpful Hints to Help You Practise  Practice Versus Playing There’s a big difference between practice and playing.  When you practise you are working on specific techniques and exercises that will help take your playing to the next level.  However it’s easy to drift into playing your favourite songs and licks. Of course, there’s nothing wrong…
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