Merit System

Students at Solihull Music School can earn MERITS for regular Practice and Progress.

Nobody can learn to play an instrument in just one hour a week.  It takes practice, a little and often, to progress and quickly become proficient.  Each student has his/her own Practice Book to help them to do this.  They collect Merit Cards for each Practice Session and earn extra rewards.

Collect :

  • 10 Merit Cards and earn a Bronze Certificate.

  • 25 Merit Cards and earn a Silver Certificate.

  • 50 Merit Cards and earn a Gold Certificate and a PRIZE.

  • 100 Merit Cards and earn a Platinum Certificate and a PRIZE.

  • 200 Merit Cards and earn a Diamond Certificate and a PRIZE.

  • 300 Merit Cards and earn a Star Certificate and a TROPHY !

On 22 June, 2011, David Ghent became our very first STAR STUDENT, achieving 300 Merits !

Now check out our Roll of Honour and see just how many others have received the Star Trophy.  We update this list all the time.  IS YOUR NAME THERE YET ?