Practice Hints

Helpful Hints to Help You Practise 

Practice Versus Playing

There’s a big difference between practice and playing. 

When you practise you are working on specific techniques and exercises that will help take your playing to the next level. 

However it’s easy to drift into playing your favourite songs and licks. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with playing what you love, but invariably you can already play this material so there is little value in replacing disciplined practise with things you are already familiar with. 

Try to keep your playing separate from your practice otherwise you will find yourself stuck at the same level.

Always practice as soon after your lesson as possible. That way, you’ll easily remember what you’ve learned and your next practice session will be even better !

If you hit a problem Can’t understand your Practice Notes ~ Just Can’t Do It ~ Just Don’t Get It … talk to your Teacher. Even your Teacher got stuck and had challenges when s/he was learning to play … so they know exactly how it feels to hit a plateau … and how great it is to get over it !!

Your teacher is there to help you !